Thursday, May 29, 2008

Guy Sebastian & the MGs Videos

The Memphis Album is set to be released globally in 2009...

Guy Sebastian and the MGs being Steve Cropper, Donald Duck Dunn, Lester Snell and Steve Potts (Blues Brothers Band)

GIMME ME SOME LOVING (live in concert)

Steve Cropper talks about the making of the Memphis Album

Live performances/Medley off the Memphis album


cyn said...

What a lovely surprise,to come across this blog on google!

Just loving the clips here.
Isn't Guy an amazing live performer?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Cool site! I was at the Guy show where Gimme... was filmed. That was the first song, which was great ... then it got better and better and better and better and .... what a fantastic night!


Anonymous said...

arrghhh my FAVE!!! OMG Guy is SO HOT! Hes amazzzing


Anonymous said...

Love the videos!
Thanks for putting them up :-)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic videos, fantastic shows.Amazing performances by all & its obvious everyone is having a blast. Bring on Memphis album 2 I say.

BlueBayBlues said...

so glad that you like it

Guy Sebastian is truly a gifted artist!!

syud said...

well..looks like u really love Guy so much!! =)

anyway,thanks for dropping by my blog~~


Dee said...

Gimme Gimme some loving Guy!!!

Totally awsome performer!

Boots said...

Great video!

Guy is truly amazing performer esp live.

Thank you so much