Saturday, July 18, 2009

Latest Guy Sebastian - NEW Official Video LIKE IT LIKE THAT

Like it Like That is the first single release from Guy Sebastian's fifth studio album "Like It Like That". Recorded over the first six months of 2009 in Los Angeles and New York, the album was produced by David Ryan Harris (John Mayer, Mariah Carey, Neville Brothers), and Fredrick Rodesjo - with John Mayer himself featuring on guitar on a few tracks - "All To Myself", "Fail To Mention" and "Never Be You". The result is an album of true musical depth, an album which perfectly showcases the rare and charismatic talent of one Guy Sebastian. It's all about big sounds, bigger beats, blasting horns and those oh-so-soulful Sebastian vocals. Source:

Nova Radio Australia have Guy Sebastian's "Like it Like That" as their featured release Nova969 FM Sydney Nova100 FM Melbourne Nova1069 FM Brisbane Nova919 FM Adelaide Nova 937 FM Perth

behind the Scenes Images of the Video Shoot sourced from Guy's Facebook

Featuring Lyndsey Rodrigues and filmed at Sydney's Q Bar

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Anonymous said...

great song!

Anonymous said...

Great track. Not as good as All To Myself, which I love. But really good.

Hanna said...
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Hanna said...

Thanks for directing me to your blog (I'm following now!) and for your kind words!

What's playing on your site is the first I've heard of Guy, and WOW does it excite me to imagine hearing his voice on a backdrop of John's guitar glory! "Failed to Mention" even has kind of a Continuum-esque feel to it ... I'll definitely be looking forward to their collaboration.

On a side note, funny to see you're in education ... I was a Music Ed major before I switched this past semester. Glad you love it!